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Description: "Lucius Beebe,immortalized in Wakefield history by the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, was active in the town, both politically and personally, for the 32 years he resided in the community. Born in…

Date: ca. 1921
Description: "In 1916, 1,200 Wakefield residents contributed a total of $12,000 to buy the land to build a new public library. Soon after, Junius Beebe donated an additional $60,000 to build the library in memory…[More]

Date: 01-1934
Description: "After more than 50 years at the Wakefield Town Hall at the corner of Main and Water Streets, the library moved to a new home in April, 1923. The town's first official library was established in 1856…[More]

Description: "In 1856, the residents of South Reading voted at the annual town meeting to establish the town's first official library. With an annual budget of $300 for both the purchase of books and the…

Creator: Sardella, Mark S. , 1951-
Date: 07-29-2009
Description: Photos show views of the trowel used at the cornerstone-laying ceremony of the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library on March 17, 1922. The artifact was presented by Damien Hurlburt to Library Director…

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M. , 1964-
Date: 07-16-2008
Description: Photos show views of the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library located at 345 Main Street on the west side of the street at the corner of Avon Street. Originally established in 1856, the library had several…[More]