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Description: Postcard shows the Rockery on Main Street, looking northwest. The High School is visible on the left. The text on the stone monument reads "Historical Linn Village 1639 Original town of Redding 1644…[More]
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Creator: Bruce, David
Date: 2010
Description: "As Sofia and I walked around town, taking pictures for the Library's Wakefield Then & Now Photo Contest, I thought of the original picture postcard of The Rockery, postmarked 1914, with a young boy…[More]

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M. , 1964-
Date: 09-22-2007
Description: Photo shows a view of the granite historical marker located at the extreme south end of the Upper Common. "Historical Linn Village 1639, Original town of Redding 1644, South Reading 1812, Wakefield…[More]