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Date: 09-09-1905
Description: "The citizens of the Town of Wakefield established the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department in 1894. In 1905, the Wakefield Municipal Light Plant had 206 electric consumers, an increase of 16…[More]

Date: 1919
Description: "The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department sold gas and electrical appliances for many years. In 1918, there were 2538 gas customers and 1,235 electric customers. The following year, there were…[More]

Description: "Before the Wakefield Municipal Light Department, the Citizens' Gas Light Company of Reading, Wakefield and Stoneham, a private company, supplied gas and eventually electricity to the residents from…[More]

Date: 1909
Description: "The Town of Wakefield purchased the holdings of the Citizens Gas and Light Company, including the land, buildings and equipment, on Railroad Street, now North Avenue, in 1894. In 1908, 14 years after…[More]

Date: 1940
Description: "The Town of Wakefield's municipal gas and light plant has operated from this location on Railroad Avenue (now North Avenue) since the community purchased the land, plant and manufacturing operations…[More]

Description: "The Wakefield Municipal Light Department, as it is known today, was formed as a result of a vote of Wakefield citizens at the Annual Town Meeting on August 1, 1894. Because of their dissatisfaction…[More]

Description: "The Wakefield Municipal Light Department not only provides electricity to its customers, but also supplies natural gas to the community. The town of Wakefield purchased the community's electric and…[More]

Description: "Patrick J. McLaughlin was the gas department's superintendent when the Town of Wakefield purchased the privately-owned Citizens' Gas Company in 1894. His association with Wakefield's gas service…

Creator: Klapes, Jeffrey M. , 1964-
Date: 10-29-2007
Description: Photo shows a view of the building housing the offices of the Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department, located at 9 Albion Street on the north side of the street. The brick building was built for…[More]