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Date: 07-04-1889
Description: "This gentleman was captured by the photographer in 1889, under the South Reading town banner which was originally carried in the July 4th, 1844, birthday celebration. The banner reads, 'Protection to…[More]

Date: 07-04-1922
Description: "Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, the July 4th celebration was touted as a $5,000 celebration, $1,000 of which was for fireworks. A 50 foot banner, advertising the celebration was strung across…[More]

Date: 07-04-1953
Description: "Thousands of spectators watched the 4th of July Parade along the route that started at the West Side Social Club headquarters and ended at the Common. It was said to be the 'largest crowd ever.' In…[More]

Date: 07-04-1976
Description: "2:00 pm, July 4 1976." -- From the album containing the photograph

Date: 1976
Description: "Edward Cameron, Joyce Miller, Larry Winn, Bicentennial Committee." -- From the album containing the photograph

Date: 07-04-1976
Description: "The photographs on the following pages were taken at the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, on July 4 1976. Reading, as did the entire nation, rang its church bells in celebration,…[More]

Creator: City of Everett
Date: 07-04-1950
Description: Fourth of July Parade reviewing stand in front of Shute Library Everett, Mass. July 4, 1950