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Date: 1914
Description: "1914 Peerless Chemical and Hose Wagon (Greenwood Hose 3) 1914 Peerless Squad Wagon 1914 Peerless Ladder Truck. In September, 1914, three new pieces of motor-driven fire apparatus were delivered to…[More]

Date: 10-13-1938
Description: "Purchased from the Seagrave Fire Apparatus Co. of Ohio at a cost of $9,500, this sedan-style pumping engine was first shipped by railroad to New Orleans to the International Fire Chief's convention. …[More]

Date: 1900
Description: "The Wakefield Fire Department purchased its first horse-drawn ladder truck from the Abbot-Downing Company of Concord, New Hampshire in 1892, replacing an 1871 hand-drawn ladder truck. The new truck…[More]

Description: "The first recorded firefighting efforts in Wakefield occurred in the 1660s with the 'bucket brigade' method of fighting fires. Residents were required to have leather buckets to carry water from…

Date: ca. 1930
Description: "The Fire Department's Amoskeag Steamer works on the Nichols Ice House fire in a photo believed to be taken in 1930. The ice house was located on Main Street, Lakeside, opposite the Walton estate."…[More]

Creator: Sprattler, Timothy
Date: 2010
Description: This is a photograph of the pumper truck and hose truck used by the school's student fire department.

Date: [1970-1979?]
Description: "1975 Maxim 100 foot aerial ladder. Diesel powered, automatic transmission. 200 gallon booster tank with 250 gpm P.T.O. Hale pump with 250 ft. of 3/4" booster hose & 150 ft. of 1 1/2" preconnected…
Collection: Wakefield Postcards

Date: 1914
Description: A man stands next to Swampscott Fire Department steamer that destroyed in the Salem Fire of 1914. In the background the devestated landscape is visible.

Date: 1911
Description: Members of the Swampscott Fire Department and town officials pose with the department's first fire truck.

Date: [1914-1945]
Description: "Combination A. Housed at Central Fire Station. Pumped 600 gallons a minute." -- From the album containing the photograph

Date: 1896
Description: Peabody Fire Department, 1896. 16 Firemen are standing before horse-drawn fire truck. One fireman is sitting on truck. All are standing to have their picture taken before the fire department,…

Creator: Melrose Camera Club (Melrose, Mass.)
Date: 1947
Description: Original image from the Melrose Camera Club Photo Album

Creator: Melrose Camera Club (Melrose, Mass.)
Date: 1947
Description: Original image from the Melrose Camera Club Photo Album

Date: 1914
Description: First piece of motor driven apparatus to be used by Lynn Fire Department
Collection: Lynn Buildings