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Date: 1950
Description: "Lane's Drug Store was located in the new business block at the corner of Albion and Main Streets during the early 1940s. The store was similar to today's drug stores that sell health and beauty…

Date: 1941
Description: "Located at 838 Main Street under the proprietorship of James E. Signorelli, the Crystal Pharmacy was situated in a business block which housed several other businesses, including a market and Tate's…[More]

Date: ca. 1907
Description: "The drug store was established in 1847, on Main Street opposite Avon Street, by Dr. Joseph D. Mansfield, a well-known practicing physician, and William H. Willis. In 1855, Dr. Mansfield purchased Mr.…[More]

Creator: Sardella, Mark S. , 1951-
Date: 12-2007 to 02-2008
Description: Photo depicts the Greenwood Pharmacy located at 949 Main Street. The pharmacy was owned by the Velardo family for over 50 years at that location. It closed on Wednesday, December 26, 2007.

Date: 02-27-1934
Description: Photograph of F. W. Varney Apothecary, 1 West Street, Beverly Farms. Dated February 27, 1934.