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Date: 1940
Description: "Located at 591 Main Street in the Junction area of Wakefield, the Curley Brothers fuel and grain company started operations in a building near the Wakefield Junction Railway Station, subsequently…

Date: 07-1916
Description: "After a five-day heat wave, an electrical storm tore through Wakefield on July 6, 1911. Accompanied by fierce winds from the southwest, the storm's vivid and continuous lightning hit several homes…[More]

Date: 1930
Description: "John and Horace Dodge started in the automotive industry by supplying engines and transmissions to R.E. Olds, later selling engines, transmissions, and axles to Henry Ford for his automobiles. By…

Date: 06-1957
Description: "Excavation has been going forward rapidly on the lot on Haven Street where the new Cooperative Bank building will be located. The building, formerly occupied by the Western Auto Associates store, is…[More]

Creator: Melrose Camera Club (Melrose, Mass.)
Date: 1947
Description: Original image from the Melrose Camera Club Photo Album

Creator: Bolduc, George J., Jr.
Date: 11-1959
Description: Good memories of a large family and last chance photo before Donnie graduates from high school. All have done well in careers. Robert has recently opened Tapleyville Ice Cream on Pine Street across…[More]

Date: 1908
Description: Four Xaverian Brothers pose outside the Administration Building

Date: 1918
Description: Two Xaverian brothers outside the Administration Building at the porte cochere, flag pole and shrine of the Sacred Heart.

Date: 04-1989
Description: It showed the family worked with John L. George to have him re-elected as Selectman.

Date: 2000
Description: After Horribles Parade during Family Festival week.

Date: 04-2010
Description: Well, it's a funny sort of curiosity, a food sculpture of a lobster designed by the owner of New Brothers Deli. This is our family business.

Date: 1920
Description: Standing in front of Administration Building. Top of arch (not visible) - 1880 when building was built.

Date: 1916
Description: Taken at Danvers St. John's Prep - Outside Conservatory Notice the running board which has a pump on it that might be for putting air in the tires. Pictured: Two brothers and two students