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Date: 1930-1939
Description: Babe Ruth visits his alma mater in Baltimore. Brother Matthias (later of St. John's Prep), the Head of Discipline at St. Mary's, first introduced Ruth to the game of baseball. He became a father…

Creator: City of Everett
Date: 07-28-1955
Description: Mickey Owen of the Boston Red Sox with Mayor Philip Crowley and members of the Franco American Club at Fenway Park, Boston, July 28, 1955.

Date: 1958
Description: Pictured: Jack Whipple, Pete Anderson, Dennis Dubois, George Oullette, Tommy Pierce, Johnny Riggs, Carl Burkhart, Dickie Farley, Paul Munzing, Bobby Bolduc, Dickie McAuley, Skippy Wallace, Cliff…

Date: 1957
Description: Location: Plains Park

Description: Both of these gentlemen did a tremendous amount of service for my town of Danvers. My father, George Bolduc was extremely involved in the Danvers little league. Photo was taken some time in the…

Date: 1948
Description: Across the street from my house - open space where we used to play. There was a small creek, meadow and cows. Ready to play a baseball game. Location: Liberty Street Pictured (L to R): Dick…[More]

Date: 05-12-1951
Description: I was on the team.

Date: 1970-1973
Description: Paul was a catcher for the Mets. Charlene was a drum major for the Chuting Stars Drum and Bugle Corps who were undefeated that year! Note: Tree in rear grew to 42 feet tall and was cut down in…