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Creator: Winthrop High School (Winthrop, Mass.)
Date: 1915-2014
Description: 91 volumes : illustrated (some color)

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 01-11-2016
Description: Speaker of the House, Robert A. DeLeo (left) brought Michael Caro, VP of AirMall, to the library with a check for the library, which was presented to Library Director Diane Wallace. The Speaker also…[More]

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 01-29-2016
Description: Mom and son reading while waiting for Story Time to begin (January 29, 2016)

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 05-14-2015
Description: CREW Poets read their own poetry in the Hazlett Room at the library as part of the Winthrop Arts and Letters Crawl, May 14, 2015. CREW: Chelsea, Revere, Everett & Winthrop

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Description: Winthrop teens using the library after school; in the Kinney Room

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Date: 12-2015
Description: Two trustees were honored for their work on the Board at their last meeting. Dr. James Matarazzo (10 years) and Mrs. Maria Ferri (4 years). On hand for the festivities were Virginia Wallace…

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Description: Ruth Garcia (of Norwood), Noble Grand of the Rebekah Lodge and Ronald Bergman, Chair of the Library Board of Trustees, shown with the new book drop that the Lodge purchased. On the front steps of the…[More]

Creator: Wallace, Diane
Description: Ms. Mary O'Brien presents a check for $100,000 to the Library Board from the estate of her late cousin, life-long Winthrop resident Thomas L. O'Brien Jr.

Date: 1899-1900
Description: View from the main room of the Frost Public Library (now the Winthrop Public Library & Museum) ca. 1900 into the north reading room. The wall on which Lincoln's portrait hangs, left, no longer exists…[More]

Date: 1899-1900
Description: View of the main room with original circulation desk, stacks and balcony of the Frost Public Library (now the Winthrop Public Library & Museum) ca. 1900. Most of the architectural details remain save…[More]

Date: 11-1899
Description: Exterior construction of the Frost Building (now known as the Winthrop Public Library & Museum) completed and interior construction underway, February, 1899

Date: 11-1898
Description: The Frost Public Library (now known as the Winthrop Public Library & Museum) under construction, November, 1898