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Date: 1930-1939
Description: Twin Echo Farm, previously the Pratt-Mudge Farm built in the 1800s.

Date: 07-1944
Description: "Si" Wells and sons Henry, Jr. and Arthur owned and operated Danvers Auto Body and Wells Car Sales on School Street, Danvers. The family moved here from Salem about 1940. This is Savario Henry…

Date: 07-1944
Description: Taken in back of the family home on 179 Locust Street, Danvers

Creator: Wells, Elinor (Batchelder)
Date: 03-1943 to 05-1943
Description: 179 Locust Street was a beautiful backdrop for photos, the wild acreage of Danvers. After her dad "Si" Wells died, Aunt Doris and her husband Bill lived on at 179 Locust Street. Her son, Kevin…

Creator: Wells, Elinor Batchelder
Date: 12-1942 to 02-1943
Description: Wartime dog "Blackout" posing with Aunt Alice after our first winter snow.

Creator: Hawkes, Blanche Burns
Date: 08-04-1952
Description: Location: 6 Rice Street Pictured (L to R): Paul Meinerth, 6; Tom Brown, 4

Creator: Hawkes, Blanche (Burns)
Date: 03-1950 to 05-1950
Description: Location: 6 Rice Street Pictured: (L to R): Paul Meinerth, Tim Hawkes

Creator: Swenson, Connie
Date: 09-1989 to 11-1989
Description: Pictured (L to R): Rev. Oscar Swenson, Paul Meinerth, Jahna Meinerth, Episcopal Massachusetts Bishop

Date: 06-1941 to 08-1941
Description: Pictured (L to R): Pauline Burns, Lawrence Littlefield Meinerth Premarriage photo. Their first home was at Lindall Hill. They moved to 5 Gould Street in 1948.

Date: 05-13-1906
Description: Pictured: Old Ipswich Road Sent by M.M.S. to Charles Sherman, Damariscotta, Maine

Creator: Gagnon, Ronald A.
Date: 07-1978
Description: Danvers Peabody Institute Library Auditorium before the 1980 renovation that divided it into two floors.

Creator: Gagnon, Ronald A.
Date: 07-1978
Description: Upstairs dressing room for old auditorium in Danvers Peabody Institute Library. Space is now the office of the Technical Services department.

Creator: Kronk, Chuck
Date: 1967-1969
Description: Chuck & Betty Kronk opened Kronk's Appliance Repair. Dad serviced appliances while Mom worked on the books. This was our first truck. Everyone knew Dad! Pictured: (L to R) Betty Kronk, Paul…

Date: 1967-1969
Description: Pictured: Betty and Chuck Kronk Note: Tree on right grew to 42 feet tall and was cut down in 2009.

Date: 1970-1973
Description: Paul was a catcher for the Mets. Charlene was a drum major for the Chuting Stars Drum and Bugle Corps who were undefeated that year! Note: Tree in rear grew to 42 feet tall and was cut down in…

Date: ca. 1909
Description: This house was built for the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Wadsworth, Pastor of the First Congregational Church in 1784. The house was erected for him on land donated to him by the parish for a parsonage after…[More]

Date: ca. 1930
Description: "The Lindens" or "The Gen. Gage House" Location: Corner of Collins and Sylvan Streets looking towards Liberty Tree Mall. Alden W. Rider's great great grandfather, Joseph Rider owned this house in…[More]

Date: ca. 1910
Description: Notes: Ingersoll/Centre Streets Mrs. Weeks' house where she taught kindergarten on the porch. -Elm trees shaded the road from First Church to Turnpike

Creator: Kilroy, Linda
Date: 09-1990
Description: Family members in my back yard making yearly apple cider. Every fall, my family would collect apples off our tree and make cider. Sometimes, they would make up to 20 gallons. The women were in the…[More]

Date: 2005
Description: I made this quilt from a pattern found at the Lowell Quilt Museum. I have made hand-made quilts for each of my two sons and four nephews. They will get them as wedding presents. Pictured: Linda…[More]