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Date: 1972
Description: Deanamics, 1972. Preparing for New York competition. Photo was taken at studio in Salem, MA. A life of dance - I still tap dance at age 52.

Date: 07-1944
Description: Taken in back of the family home on 179 Locust Street, Danvers

Date: 05-20-2010
Description: It is a photo of my father's award, honoring his contribution to our veterans of our Armed Forces.

Date: 05-12-1951
Description: I was on the team.

Date: 1957
Description: Location: Plains Park

Date: 1958
Description: Pictured: Jack Whipple, Pete Anderson, Dennis Dubois, George Oullette, Tommy Pierce, Johnny Riggs, Carl Burkhart, Dickie Farley, Paul Munzing, Bobby Bolduc, Dickie McAuley, Skippy Wallace, Cliff…

Description: Both of these gentlemen did a tremendous amount of service for my town of Danvers. My father, George Bolduc was extremely involved in the Danvers little league. Photo was taken some time in the…

Date: 2010
Description: First NEC Title in Danvers High School basketball history. Final record: 15-7

Date: 01-10-2010
Description: Administrators and parents traveled to California to watch the Danvers High School Falcons marching band perform in the 2010 Rose Parade. Location: Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA

Creator: Murray, Marjorie Watters
Date: 09-1954
Description: Downed tree near Mill Pond

Date: 2006
Description: This air view appears on the inside cover of the "Centennial History of St, John's Prep School: Far Above the Neighboring Hilltops 1907-2007" by Gary Larrabee

Date: 04-1994
Description: We enjoy family holidays and it is a tradition to have our picture taken together. We LOVED our Kimberly Drive neighbors and neighborhood. Great memories! Pictured: Daniel Ambrozavitch, Brian…[More]

Date: 07-1991
Description: The Library Concerts were activities that our families looked forward to each summer. We would bring snacks, chairs and blankets over the the library to enjoy the music and run around playing.

Creator: Wells, Elinor (Batchelder)
Date: 03-1943 to 05-1943
Description: 179 Locust Street was a beautiful backdrop for photos, the wild acreage of Danvers. After her dad "Si" Wells died, Aunt Doris and her husband Bill lived on at 179 Locust Street. Her son, Kevin…

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 1980-1989
Description: This is my great aunt Ella Putnam Carey. She lived on Burroughs Street with her sister. She remembers when there were Native Americans living on Mill Pond Village. Ella married an Irish man named…[More]

Date: 1915
Description: B&M Railroad Fireman and Engineer Engineer: Timothy Hawkes ; Fireman: unknown

Creator: Wells, Elinor Batchelder
Date: 12-1942 to 02-1943
Description: Wartime dog "Blackout" posing with Aunt Alice after our first winter snow.

Creator: Hawkes, Blanche Burns
Date: 08-04-1952
Description: Location: 6 Rice Street Pictured (L to R): Paul Meinerth, 6; Tom Brown, 4

Date: 04-1943
Description: Sally Ann refers to his daughter who later became Mrs. Nicholson. Family lived on Pine Street for 60 years.

Date: 1908
Description: Great grandmother Begin - the last of four children. Eight of the children are still New Englanders