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Creator: Bolduc, George
Description: Back in a time when there was a whole school Memorial Day service. Always outdoors. Location: Holten Street (Tapleyville), Danvers Pictured: Marsha Cahoon, George Oulette, Jack Keane, Doris…[More]

Creator: Bolduc, George J., Jr.
Date: 11-1959
Description: Good memories of a large family and last chance photo before Donnie graduates from high school. All have done well in careers. Robert has recently opened Tapleyville Ice Cream on Pine Street across…[More]

Creator: Crowley, Bob
Date: 10-1954
Description: Before Eydie was famous, she spent the day with my parents (Marjorie and Don) and two-year-old me. We went to Sandy Beach. Location: Topsfield Fair Pictured (L-R): unknown, Don Kingsley, Edyie…[More]

Creator: Danforth, Paul
Date: 06-1952
Description: Location: Calvary Church Pictured (L-R): Rev. Alan Clark, Baby Paula, Eunice Putnam Watters, James Dempsey, Sara Putnam

Creator: Gagnon, Ronald A.
Date: 07-1978
Description: Danvers Peabody Institute Library Auditorium before the 1980 renovation that divided it into two floors.

Creator: Gagnon, Ronald A.
Date: 07-1978
Description: Upstairs dressing room for old auditorium in Danvers Peabody Institute Library. Space is now the office of the Technical Services department.

Creator: Hawkes, Blanche (Burns)
Date: 03-1950 to 05-1950
Description: Location: 6 Rice Street Pictured: (L to R): Paul Meinerth, Tim Hawkes

Creator: Hawkes, Blanche Burns
Date: 08-04-1952
Description: Location: 6 Rice Street Pictured (L to R): Paul Meinerth, 6; Tom Brown, 4

Creator: Kilroy, Linda
Date: 09-1990
Description: Family members in my back yard making yearly apple cider. Every fall, my family would collect apples off our tree and make cider. Sometimes, they would make up to 20 gallons. The women were in the…[More]

Creator: Kingsley, Don
Date: 10-25-1954
Description: My mother, Marjorie was an avid fan and this was their first meeting. Location: Fenway Park, Boston, MA Pictured: Marjorie Watters Kingsley; Ted Williams

Creator: Kingsley, Don
Date: 09-01-1952
Description: Marjorie's 24th Birthday in the dining room of 16 Burroughs Street. Cake from Scratch Gifts

Creator: Kronk, Chuck
Date: 1967-1969
Description: Chuck & Betty Kronk opened Kronk's Appliance Repair. Dad serviced appliances while Mom worked on the books. This was our first truck. Everyone knew Dad! Pictured: (L to R) Betty Kronk, Paul…

Creator: Marsella, Marlene
Date: 02-24-1978
Description: Pictured (L to R): Tom Marsella, Nate Marsella, Andrew Marsella Location: Adams Street, Danvers

Creator: Marsella, Thomas
Date: 02-24-1978
Description: Back door was snowed in and unable to open. I had to squeeze out the front door and begin to shovel. We were standing level with the porch roof line.

Creator: Meinerth, Paul
Date: 12-25-1962
Description: "Downtown Danvers 50 Years Ago"

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 09-1960
Description: Ensign Murray, or Daddy just married Marjorie and adopted her children Elizabeth and Paula. Pictured (L to R): Elizabeth Murray (in arms, age 18 months). Ensign Francis H. Murray, Paula C. Murray…[More]

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 12-25-1959
Description: This was the first Christmas with my baby sister, Elizabeth. The large doll in the back (in her indelicate pose) was neglected in favor of a live sister! Pictured (L to R): Paula Murray, Elizabeth…[More]

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 1978
Description: Frank Murray liked large pieces of roast for breakfast which he would share with the many animals.

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 1980-1989
Description: This is my great aunt Ella Putnam Carey. She lived on Burroughs Street with her sister. She remembers when there were Native Americans living on Mill Pond Village. Ella married an Irish man named…[More]