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Creator: Watters, Marjorie
Date: 09-1954
Description: Two DPW workmen cutting up downed trees in the aftermath of Hurricane Carol. Location: 16 Burroughs Street

Creator: Watters, Marjorie
Date: 09-1954
Description: Cherry trees fallen. Aftermath of Hurricane Carol. Location: 16 Burroughs Street Pictured: Mr. Currier

Date: 1982
Description: This is the Polish picnic and the land/sea race when both events were combined in one day. Back then, huge crowds of people would gather at Pope's Landing to socialize, party and watch the events. …[More]

Date: 1923
Description: Seated left to right: Warren Russell, Esmond Farmer, William Reynolds, Theobold Kelley, Henry Thomas, and Raymond Howell Standing left to right: Bernard Farmer, Andrew Hammond, Creighton Goodale,…[More]

Date: ca. 1924
Description: Pictured (L to R): Evelyn (Watson) Keith, Mel Demsey, Eleanor Watson, Mildred (Watson) Moulton, Albert --- , George Watson, Charlie Watson (in front of sister Mildred) Demsey family from Centre…[More]

Date: ca. 1908
Description: Pictured: Alden Andrew Demsey (rear, standing) Herbert Alden Demsey (seated, right) Charles Ernest Demsey (seated, left) Carle Wayne Demsey (infant, born February 16, 1908) The infact Carle…

Date: ca. 1931
Description: 13 ladies of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of the First Church of Danvers, Congregational Pictured (L to R): Margaret Nowers, Florence Mudge, Mrs. Woodman, Violet Palmer, Mrs. Nowers, Mabel…

Date: ca. 1889
Description: Pictured: Charles Ernest Demsey (born October 1887) Herbert Alden Demsey Susie Hodgkins

Date: 1984-1986
Description: This is a publicity photo for a band I was in called “Shylock.” It’s from the mid 1980s, complete with the necessary big hair and spandex!! We performed original ‘80s rock in many North…

Date: 1890-1900
Description: This factory was on Liberty Street in the port. Charles Kerans ran the factory and his brothers Edward and Joseph worked there. The factory burned down in 1905.

Date: 1900?
Description: Joseph M. Kerans and his wife Elizabeth Ann Warren bought this home at 124 High Street in 1904. It was referred to as "The White House." The house was next to the Catholic church and both were torn…[More]

Date: 1962
Description: This was Minnie Kerans Wrin's 80th birthday. Pictured (L to R): Back: Lizzie Kerans, Howard Kerans, Annie Kerans Flynn, Minnie Kerans Wrin Front: Margaret Kerans Rennick, Ruth Kerans Ryan,…

Date: 1949
Description: My favorite photo of my parents. Pictured (L to R): Joe Ryan, Ruth Kerans Ryan

Date: 1948
Description: We picked dandelions for our lucky moms.

Date: 1948
Description: Friends of the family worked together to design this doll carriage - winning prize was the doll in the carriage. Pictured: Cate Ryan

Date: 07-1902
Description: This was the last picture of all of us. Betty was in a nursing home, so her photo was pasted in!

Date: 1947
Description: The late Verionque (Morin) Gourdeau, wife of the late Wilfred A. Gourdeau. They raised eight children: the late Rita I. (Gourdeau) St. Perrie, Wilfred E., Robert J., the late Raymond H., Mary R.…

Date: 1947
Description: Pictured: Diane Gourdeau Diane is approximately three years old. She is sitting on the ledge of a white column in front of the Peabody Institute Library, Danvers.

Date: 07-05-1952
Description: Danvers Town Hall - 200th Anniversary

Date: 09-1979
Description: Sorting dill for the 1979 Topsfield Fair.