Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Davis, Winthrop "Bunt"

  • Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Davis, Winthrop "Bunt"
  • Davis, Winthrop "Bunt", Interviewee
  • Brayton, Linda, Interviewer
  • 4 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file
  • The following names and terms were used in this interview: Jumping Bill Harraden , Skate-mouth head, Bait bag, Round of heads, The Villa Nova, The Carolyn Rene, The Carolyn, Ski Tow Hill, Amesbury, Isle of Shoals, Coasting, Race Point, General Cunningham, The Ida Belle, The Ellen Jean, Hodgkins, Scantum Sound (Squantum), Edwards Hotel, Loran, Wimpy, Murmansk, Poland, Beulah, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Mayor Alper,
  • Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians; Interviewer:Linda Brayton (5/2/1978).
  • TRACKS: CD70:1. Mr. Davis' background, home at Goose Cove, the old mills -- 2. Beginnings in fishing, being one's own boss, some types of fishing Mr. Davis has done -- 3. Government restrictions on fishing - comments, new comes in the lobstering business -- 4. Difficulties involved in lobstering, lobstering equipment, building pots and knitting heads -- 5. The weather is everything -- 6. Boatbuilding, Mr. Davis built ten boats including current 36 footer the Carolyn Rene, launchings at the Davis' home -- 7. How the model for a boat is created, deciding on the plans for a boat, choosing fishing grounds -- 8. Fishing grounds (cont'd.), getting snagged with another boat -- 9. Some close calls -- 10. Other members of Davis family as fisherman, story of robbers on a coasting trip, Mr. Davis' father as a light keeper at Annisquam light -- 11. Painting by bill Robertson -- 12. First tuna longlining, government restrictions on tuna -- 13. Rev. Sun Myung Moon's tuna fleet, comments on religion and nature -- 14. fishing compared to gambling -- 15. Mrs. Davis' comments on her feelings as a fisherman's wife, dangers of fishing life. CD71: 1. Mackerel Netting, Blizzard of '78's effect on lobstering -- 2. Learning to fish, other fishermen with whom Mr. Davis has worked, attitudes -- 3. Government assistance to fishermen, documented vessels -- 4. Financing and building first boat, documenting a vessel, Seamen's Act -- 5. Clamming, comments on pollution, clams from Washington State -- 6. Marketing the catch, prices -- 7. A tuna in Goose Cove, seals and eels, Andy the seal -- 8. Talking with Howard Blackburn -- 9. Howard Blackburn (cont'd.), salvage.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • 05-02-1978
  • [Gloucester, Mass] : Sawyer Free Library


Davis, Winthrop "Bunt", Interviewee and Brayton, Linda, Interviewer, “Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Davis, Winthrop "Bunt",” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed December 5, 2020,


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