Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Parker, Hjordis

  • Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Parker, Hjordis
  • Parker, Hjordis, Interviewee
  • Brayton, Linda, Interviewer
  • 4 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file
  • The following names and terms were used in this interview: Halden-Fredericks Hall, Thurston, The old Marshall place, Daniel Oakes Marshal, Helen Thurston, Sarah Helen Fears, Harvey, Alfred Zerepack, Florence and John Lilja, Glug, Fritz, Eldridge, Hibbard's Gallery, Lief and Thjorwald Erikson, Crabtree, Mark Parillo, Ivar Rose, Knutsford, Lutefisk.
  • Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians; Interviewer: Linda Brayton (5/8/1978).
  • TRACKS: CD38: 1. Mrs. Parker's background, schooling, employment, and coming to U. S. -- 2. Coming of age in Norway, self-sufficiency, the spirit of adventure, the Vikings -- 3. Influx of immigrants from 1900-1920, reasons -- 4. The trip over, comments on the steerage (the earlier way of travel) -- 5. The language, finding a job, immigration requirements around 1900 -- 6. Coming to Rockport. a quick decision, Mrs. Parker's research into the history of her home -- 7. Becoming acquainted in Rockport, neighbors -- 8. Bearskin Neck, changes over the years, tourism, the art colony -- 9. Bearskin Neck (contd.) -- 10. Student boarders, notable people who stayed at Mrs. Parker's home and with other Rockport families -- 11. The Swedish and Finnish immigrants -- 12. Pressure to forget mother tongue -- 13. tendency of some Americans to assume immigrants were ignorant and uncultured -- 14. Eleanor Roosevelt's encouragement of immigrants to maintain cultural heritage -- 15. The Viking heritage, the values of different cultures -- 16. Mrs. Parker's reactions to many U. S. citizens' misunderstandings of other cultures -- 17. comments on schools here and in Europe -- 18. Lief and Thorwald Erikson were said to be first to land in America and Thorwald said to be buried on Cape Ann -- 19. story of Knutsford family on Cape Ann. CD39: 1.Story of Knutsford family (contd.) -- 2. Viking history -- 3. Maintaining Norwegian culture and traditions in family (e.g. Christmas celebrations) -- 4. Scandinavian and Finnish crafts, the work ethic, crafts as an art form, the Finnish people -- 5. Meaning of Mrs. Parker's first name (Hjordis) -- 6. Books written by Mrs. Parker for her family -- 7. Norwegian government program, writing contest for older citizens which served as means of history.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • 1978
  • [Gloucester, Mass] : Sawyer Free Library


Parker, Hjordis, Interviewee and Brayton, Linda, Interviewer, “Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Parker, Hjordis,” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed December 5, 2020,


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