Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Babson, William Warren, M.D.

  • Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Babson, William Warren, M.D.
  • Babson, William Warren, M.D, Interviewee
  • Brayton, Linda, Interviewer
  • 2 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file
  • The following names and terms were used in this interview: Some names and terms used in this interview: Dr. Joseph Garland, Rev. Healy, Prentiss House (Col. Prentiss, Drs. John J. Egan (Sr. and Jr.), Dr. Hallett and Dr. Ronald Hallett, Dr. Scott W, Mooring, Drs. Quimby (Charles, Dr. Wh9itaker, Dr. Ira B. Hall, Dr. William Irving, Dr. George Rust, Dr. Tupper, Dr. Ezra Cleaves, Dr. David Sauer, Dr. Bruce Brown, Dr. Earl Greene, Dr. Morris Pett, Dr. Baker, Dr. George Rust, Dr. Doyle, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Earl Greene, Dr. Lawrence Ross, Dr. Ever Curtis, Dr. George Doyl, Dr. George Pohas, Dr. David Cohen, Dr. Warren Poland, Dr. Warren Babson, Sir Alexander Fleming, Chester Kiefer, Dr. Walter O'Donnell, Current milieu, Heimlich Manoeuver, Dr. Poland, Dr. Hallett, Dr. William S, Webber, Carroll K. Steele, Isabelle Babson, Dr. Scott Gunn, Trauma Committee.
  • Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians; Interviewer: Linda Brayton (3/27/1978)
  • TRACKS:1. History of Addison Gilbert Hospital, Garland family as prominent medical family -- 2. American College of Surgeons -- 3. Addison Gilbert Hospital in 1933, Ward Service (prior to Medicare and Medicaid) -- 4. Name of some physicians at that time -- 5. Ward Service patients during The Depression -- 6. World War II, Chief of Staff required by law in 1946 -- 7. some physicians named including those in military -- 8. Advances in medicine -- 9. Community hospitals, hospital accreditation -- 10. Medicare and Medicaid government involvement in medicine, cost of medical care -- 11. Continuing medical education, requirements -- 12. Continuing medical education (contd.) -- 13. Addison Gilbert leads the field in Massachusetts, program planning for continuing education -- 14. Qualifications of medical staff, trend towards practicing in smaller community exists now, specialization -- 15. Doctors who've now died, new wings added to the hospital -- 16. House calls no longer feasible, treatment methods differ -- 17. Trend towards out-patient care -- 18. Emergency Medical Assistants (EMT's) - physician's assistants, etc., Joseph Garland - medical editorial.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • 1978
  • [Gloucester, Mass] : Sawyer Free Library


Babson, William Warren, M.D, Interviewee and Brayton, Linda, Interviewer, “Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Babson, William Warren, M.D.,” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed January 23, 2018,

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