Park estate, corner of Bennett and Main Streets, 1893

  • Park estate, corner of Bennett and Main Streets, 1893
  • "Built somewhere between 1875 and 1888, this home operated as a boarding house in 1893. The house was purchased in the fall of 1895 by a committee of five who represented the Wakefield Home for Aged Women, and organization that received its charter in April 1894. The first annual meeting of the Wakefield Home for Aged Women was held in Union Hall in the spring of 1895. The meeting was attended by a large number of members of the corporation who heard from the officers that in one year, their treasury had grown to $6,108.92. Action was also taken regarding an offer made by Dr. Charles Jordan on a lot of land on Converse Street, 'as a suitable location for the Home.' Although the generosity of the offer was noted as 'highly appreciated,' the members thought it best not to accept it. Later that year, the Town of Wakefield accepted Dr. Jordan's offer for the lot of land on January 18, 1896, and built the Warren SChool in 1897. A special meeting of the corporation was held on September 5, 1895. A vote was taken to open the home within months, and a committee was selected 'with full power to buy or hire an estate.' The committee included Mrs. Joseph Morton, Miss E.E. Boit, Mrs. T.J. Skinner, Mrs. E.A. Carlisle, and Mrs. Maria H. Murdock. On February 1, 1896, all four applicants had been approved by the managers, and the first residents moved into the Wakefield Home for Aged Women on February 8, 1896. A dedication ceremony was held on February 17, 1896" -- Text from calendar by Jayne M. D'Onofrio.
  • Image from the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department annual calendar, 2003
  • Photo courtesy of the Wakefield Historical Society.
  • 1893
  • Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department


“Park estate, corner of Bennett and Main Streets, 1893,” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed October 19, 2019,


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