Stowe House Dining Room

  • Stowe House Dining Room
  • In 1853 Harriet Beecher Stowe became interested in this building while she and her husband were living in Samaritan House during Calvin's teaching at the seminary. The building had a multitude of student activities held in it including coffin building and a dump. It was a shell at the time Harriet saw it, but the school had it renovated and the Stowe's held many school events here for faculty and student alike. In 1888 a wing was added and it served as the Phillips Inn until 1929 when the new inn was built and Stowe House was moved to Bartlet Street. After it retired as the Inn, Stowe House moved down the hill to its current location on Bartlett Street. This photograph was taken before the house had become the inn. The chair in the middle with arms is for the head of the house.
  • 1885
  • Andover, Mass. : Phillips Academy
  • Communications Department Phillips Academy


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