'04' Franklin granddad

  • '04' Franklin granddad
  • "The Franklin motor car was invented by the engineer John Wilkinson and manufactured by the industrialist H. H. Franklin and marketed under his name. The Franklin was one of the most innovative motor cars of its time, featuring an air-cooled engine, scientific light weight and flexible construction at a time when other luxury car manufacturers were making ponderous machines. Throughout its history Franklin was a luxury car and it was in this part of the automotive market that it competed with the other notable makes of the day. As such it fell victim to the Great Depression along with many of these same fine luxury car manufacturers. These remarkable motor cars engendered such a loyal and faithful following that interest in these automobiles never died out. Many individuals continued to operate Franklins as their every day automobiles or preserved them right up to the emergence of the antique and classic hobby, decades after production ceased in 1934. The H. H. Franklin Manufacturing Company was a very large employer in Syracuse, New York area, its home base...--Onondaga Historical Association website, viewed 3/12/2008.
  • View of a driver and passenger seated in a 1904 Franklin motor car. A sign affixed to the car says " '04' Franklin 'granddad.'
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  • Date estimated
  • 1921


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