Cottage Hall

  • Cottage Hall
  • "This building was used as a high school for three years, 1864-1867, when Union Hall became too crowded. It was generously donated to the town by Cyrus Smith, Esq. The school committee was not at all happy about the location, known as 'Mudville' because of the noise and distraction of the passing trains. The parents were even less enthusiastic about the location because 'it was so malarious that even the bullfrogs would not live there provided they had the power to die!' (from Town Report 1867). But a kind Providence interceded and allowed the students to survive this horrible place with no lasting effects. The town erected a new school beside the Old South Church and it opened in 1867. The smaller building is now Century 21 Real Estate. It was originally a slaughterhouse on John Street and was moved to the Main Street site in 1889. The field in the picture is now Crosby Road and Edwin Circle and here, holding the flags, are Miriam Nichols Barclay and Josephine Phillips Hunt. The small lad is Ben Nichols."
  • ca. 1913


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