Reading Town Forest

  • Reading Town Forest
  • "300 acres of beautiful woods and wetlands. Many years ago, several representatives from local organizations planted a circle of pine trees 100 feet in diameter to symbolize the spirit of civic unity and cooperation. The circle is still there and is now called the Old Council Ring. 'Whenever you would go in the forest, the sight of the land, the creatures of nature, the growing things and your own imagination may transport you to a time and a place of your choice..... I am told that in the Old Council Ring, for those who would listen, the excited joyful voices of the gathering citizens, from sixty years ago, still sound. In the forest, the friendly ghosts of the past mingle freely with wind sounds, bird songs and the soft crunch of your own footfalls.' from 'A Year in the Forest' by Jack Cairl." -- From the album containing the photograph
  • [1980-1989]


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