Bay State Military Rifle Association

  • Bay State Military Rifle Association
  • Photograph of a postcard of Bay State Military Rifle Association, pre 1926. History of Camp Curtis Guild. The Camp is owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and is under the control of the State Quartermaster. Camp Curtis Guild consists of 512 acres. Portions of the total area are located in Reading, North Reading, Wakefield, and Lynnfield. The Camp was acquired by the Commonwealth, acting through the Armory Commissioners, in 1926, from the Bay State Rifle Association, at the cost of $65,000. On March 1, 1926, the Camp was designated Camp Curtis Guild" by the Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Alvin T. Fuller. The Camp was named for former Governor Curtis Guild, Jr., "in consideration of his public service and intimate connection with the military forces in the State and Nation." In World War I, the Camp was leased by the U.S. Navy and operated as Camp Plunkett. The wooden barracks and mess halls were erected during this period. At the close of World War I, the Navy returned the Camp, with the buildings that had been erected, to the Bay State Rifle Association. In World War II, the Camp was operated by the First Service Command as a staging area for the Port of Boston. The Camp was also used as a training area by the United States Coast Guard. In December, 1988, the Headquarters fo the Massachusetts National Guard relocated from the Armory in Boston to Camp Curtis Guild." -- from the album containing the photograph.
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