Reading High School class of 1932

  • Reading High School class of 1932
  • "Reading High School Class of 1932
  • Top row: V. Delong, C. Holden, F. Bowers, W. Cutcliffe, C. Hilts, C. Gowing, L. Kinsley, G. Gormlie, C. Newell, H. Merritt, T. Cullinane, L. Wallace, D. Westcott, R. Legg. -- Second row: N. Carter, G. Scollo, N. Hurd, J. Carter, R. Steart, C. Pitman, M. White, E. Mussells, A. Enos, M. fletcher, L. Dickie, Jr., A. Taber, K. Ivestor, W. Foye, R. Bemister. -- Third row: H. Carter, P. Small, G. Lester, J. Sidelinger, H. Caron, M. O'Keefe, R. Connor, A. Goodwin, R. Berglund, G. Hunter, M. Mason, W. Burt, G. Sailor, L. Stephenson, E. Schultz, R. Heselton.
  • Fourth row: R. Goddard, G. Richards, E. White, A. Griswold, A. Lewis, S. Southwick, M. Sims, D. Crosby, R. Froburg, L. Richmond, M. Crowe, R. Cheyne, E. Eisenhaure, W. Fleming, G. Ricker -- Fifth row: P. Gerard, W. Esterberg, L. Eery, E. McCoubry, M. Hazelton, E. Poole, M. Beaudry, B. Ives, H. Tibbetts, P. Mercer, N. Carney, A. Hurley, B. Wilcox, R. Zanni, K. Horton, G. Brown. -- Sixth row: E. Petkewich, R. Coolidge, M. Gould, P. Metcalf, J. Clark, C. Kinsley, P. Richman, H. Curtis, A. Leach, L. Phipps, L. Mitchell, H. Doucette. Rudolf Sussman Miss C. I. Brown
  • Seventh row: J. Mills, E. Gage, T. Skidmore, B. Jewett, G. Atkinson, T. Brenton, P. Brady, P. Sussman, E. Holmes, L. Roxbee, M. Riley, D. Eaton, E. Rand, L. Nutter. -- Eighth row: F. French, M. Fortune, A. Arsenault, M. Curtis, M. Whicker, A. Carter, H. MacIntire, S. Ryland. -- Ninth row: W. Reynolds, M. Lewis, E. Chase, L. Cook, B. Cook, M. Doucette, M. Doucette, J. Shay, R. Ainsworth, R. Gale. R Pomfret R. Chapin K. Latham A. Nicholson. -- "From the album containing the photograph
  • 1932


“Reading High School class of 1932,” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed June 2, 2020,


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