[97 Pleasant Street]

  • [97 Pleasant Street]
  • "This home at 97 Pleasant Street was built circa 1870. This gothic revival structure is an interesting variation of the Fowler octagonal house ideal, using a series of small octagons grouped around a central cupola. Even the side porch has an octagonal shape. The shape represents the nation-wide influence of Dr. Fowler, who proposed this shape as structurally and mathematically elegant and because of increased cross-ventilation, healthier than the conventional box shapes of the day. This appealed to Dr. Horace P. Wakefield, the builder of this quirky dwelling. This is the only such structure in Reading. Dr. Wakefield taught school in Reading as a young man, practiced medicine, was on the school committee, was a town clerk from 1862-1864 and was Secretary of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society." -- From the album containing the photograph
  • [1900-1999]


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