Jonathan Frost house

  • Jonathan Frost house
  • "Less than a decade ago, at the corner of Main and Ash Streets stood the house and adjoining building at one time owned by Jonathan Frost. The Frost brothers, twins, kept a store in the small building in the middle 1800s. In the 1920s and '30s", there was a restaurant there. The property was one of the last pieces of real estate to be disposed of when the National Bank that was forced into liquidation during the bank holiday of 1932 settled up its affairs (paying depositors 100% plus interest). There was an extended controversy as to whether or not the property should be used for a gas line filling station and the advocates of the change won out. A comparison of the pictures is interesting in that many people have fogotten how the corner used to look. At the left is a view in a northerly direction and at the right the view as one faces south." Printed on the photograph.


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