School 19 years : home 96 years

  • School 19 years : home 96 years
  • "In 1834, the south school district was formed and erected a house on the corner of Summer and Walnut Streets, the locality of the present one. This was used as a school house till 1853 when it was moved to Washington Street, east of Main Street, and converted into a dwelling. The same year the present house was erected on a piece of common land occupied by the old house." "Three Rs at Hill End by the Bishops" From the album containing the photograph."This house at 167 Washington Street was moved to the spot as one of the first buildings on the residential development on the estate of Edmund Parker. Built in 1834 as a school house, it stood until 1853 on the triangle now bounded by Hopkins and Walnut Streets and Summer Ave. whence it was moved to make way for the Walnut Street (later Chestnut Hill) School." from the Reading Chronicle (undated).


“School 19 years : home 96 years,” NOBLE Digital Heritage, accessed June 2, 2020,


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