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Date: 1921
Description: "The Franklin motor car was invented by the engineer John Wilkinson and manufactured by the industrialist H. H. Franklin and marketed under his name. The Franklin was one of the most innovative motor…[More]

Date: ca. 1914
Description: Postmarked July 30, 1914

Date: 1900?
Description: Exterior view of the A.G. Potter Wood and Paper Box company with male and female workers standing on the steps in front of the building.
Collection: Swampscott Buildings

Date: 1890
Description: The First United Church was built in the late 1800's. This church was the composite of two churches, the Bethany Baptist Church and the First Christian Church ... In May of 1913, for their mutual…
Collection: Swampscott Buildings

Description: "Eagle Rock" the summer estate of Henry Clay Frick of Pittsburgh. Located at 453 Hale Street, the house has since been torn down.

Date: 1972
Description: Deanamics, 1972. Preparing for New York competition. Photo was taken at studio in Salem, MA. A life of dance - I still tap dance at age 52.

Date: 07-1944
Description: Taken in back of the family home on 179 Locust Street, Danvers

Description: "Henrico", the estate of S. John Connolly, 64 Ober Street.

Date: 2011
Description: Photo mashup shows the business district on Main Street near Richardson Avenue looking east. A banner hangs over the street advertising John F. Kennedy's campaign for Senate, indicating the photo is…[More]

Date: 1991
Description: "Retail establishments."

Date: 05-20-2010
Description: It is a photo of my father's award, honoring his contribution to our veterans of our Armed Forces.

Description: In 1911 and 1912 President William Howard Taft rented "Parramatta" from Mrs. Henry W. Peabody as the Summer White House. Located atop the hill on Corning Street between Pearl Street and Sylvan…

Description: Home of Otis F. Luke of Brookline, 12 Hemlock Street, Beverly Farms

Description: Photograph of the United Shoe Machinery Company employees "Sam Sam" Day band.

Date: 1940?
Description: View of "Shorty" Shaw's home at the rear of Jack's Spa on Humphrey Street. This location is now the site of the Chaisson's Cove Condominiums.
Collection: Swampscott Buildings

Description: Hale Street looking north. Mingo Beach is behind the wall in the left background.

Date: 1900?
Description: Distant exterior view of the "Top-o'-the Bluff" on Outlook Road
Collection: Swampscott Buildings