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Date: ca. 1922
Description: "The Franklin School, as it stands, was built in 1902 on Nahant Street. Plans for a new Junction school house began in 1900 when an article was introduced at the May 21st Town Meeting. A committee of…[More]

Date: 1937
Description: "In late September 1919, 26 prospective players showed up for football practice, the first time since 1905 that Wakefield High School fielded a team. In the course of a week, an epidemic broke out,…[More]

Description: "Many children of the 1930's and 1940's were in awe of the 'Flying Yankee', with its green and gold locomotive, nickel-plated cylinder heads and brass name plate at its front. The nonstop express…

Description: "The map of Reading shows the first grants of land to the settlers in 1647, the first general division of land which was recorded. All homesteads are located in the present town of Wakefield. 1.…

Description: "The town of Wakefield was first incorporated in 1644, but her first settlers began to arrive from Lynn in 1639. During this time, the settlers began to cross the rough terrain and settle in the area…[More]

Date: 1909
Description: "The fourth meeting house of the First Parish Congregational Church fell victim to a fire on the morning of February 21, 1909, in what was described by the Wakefield Item as 'one of the hottest and…[More]

Date: 02-1916
Description: "Passersby stop to look at the damage caused by a fire to the First Parish Congregational Church on February 21, 1909. The fire partially destroyed the stone building and 'brought genuine grief to…[More]

Description: "One of the constants in the history of Wakefield, from the time of its inception in 1644 until the present day, has been the First Parish Congregational Church. Currently located on the corner of…[More]

Date: ca. 1918
Description: "Organized in 1794 as the South Reading Branch of the Baptist Church of Woburn, and in 1798 as the Baptist Society in the First Parish, the First Baptist Church built its first meeting house on Salem…[More]

Date: ca. 1907
Description: "Wakefield's brick Central Fire Station at the corner of Crescent and Mechanic (now Princess) Streets was built in 1900 after the Hathaway Stable fire destroyed the department's two-story wooden…

Description: "Shortly after the incorporation of the town, the town of Reading recorded their first 'bucket brigades' in the 1660s. The first engine was put into service in the early 1800s and was known as the…[More]

Description: "The first recorded firefighting efforts in Wakefield occurred in the 1660s with the 'bucket brigade' method of fighting fires. Residents were required to have leather buckets to carry water from…

Date: 1980
Description: "Field hockey at Wakefield High School began in 1926 as an interclass sport, due in part to a short season and weather conditions. In 1930, the Junior Class team was captained by Catherine Nichols.…[More]

Date: ca. 1900
Description: "Town Meeting voted in early 1898 to build a new brick schoolhouse in Wakefield's North Ward to help ease crowded conditions in the elementary schools. The North Ward included the territory between…[More]

Date: 07-03-1954
Description: "On April 1, 1902, the Town of Wakefield voted to sell the Greenwood Fire Station on Oak Street and convert the adjacent vacant Greenwood School building into a fire station. The school, originally…[More]

Date: ca. 1905
Description: "The original portion of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church was erected on Water Street in 1881. The building was moved from Water Street to the north corner of Bryant and Main Streets in 1894, opposite…[More]

Date: 1930
Description: "The Wakefield Lodge of Elks held a Funfest on Factory Field to raise money for the organization's charities. Originally scheduled to be held Friday through Monday (Labor Day), the carnival was…

Date: 1944
Description: "The Elk Spring Beverage Company was established in 1921 by John F. Drinkwater, Sr. at the corner of Lowell and Vernon Streets. The company grew from a small beginning to become one of the leading…

Description: "Elizabeth Eaton Boit, the first woman in the United States to be actively involved in the manufacture of textile goods, was born in Newton on July 9, 1848 [i.e. 1849] to James H. and Amanda (Berry)…[More]

Date: 1933
Description: "Elite Quality Shop, a shoe store featuring a complete line of shoes for men, women and children, opened in the Curley Block at the corner of Main and Mechanic (Princess) Street in 1919. Owner Julius…[More]