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  • Collection: Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department calendars

Description: "Lucius Beebe,immortalized in Wakefield history by the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library, was active in the town, both politically and personally, for the 32 years he resided in the community. Born in…

Date: 1930
Description: "The new Woodville School building opened its doors on September 8, 1920 on an extension of the 'old' lot, immediately to the rear of the former school building. The school was built in the center of…[More]

Date: ca. 1912
Description: "The Woodville Chapel on Farm Street was dedicated on February 16, 1896 under the auspices of the Massachusetts Baptist Sunday School Association. The 24' x 30' building had a seating capacity of…

Creator: Winship, Charles Newell
Date: ca. 1922
Description: "The Winship Mansion, also known as the Winship estate, was home to Charles Newell Winship, who along with Elizabeth E. Boit formed a partnership under the firm name of Winship, Boit & Company. In…

Description: "Wakefield is fortunate to have another 'Mr. Wakefield,' a man who has played an active role in the town throughout the 20th century. William J. Lee, one of Wakefield's most prominent citizens has…[More]

Date: ca. 1912
Description: "Owned by Fred I. Wilkins, Wilkins Shoe Store was located at 443 Main Street at the site of the homestead of Samuel Wiley, and one of three parts of the Quannpowitt House later moved to the corner of…[More]

Date: 1905
Description: "Wiley's Boathouse was built at the end of Spaulding Street in 1872, facing west in Hartshorne's cove. Many years later, in 1887, Will Wiley built another boathouse at the end of Lake Avenue right on…[More]

Date: 10-13-1919
Description: "Under the direction of Adjt. G.H.S. Driver, the Grand Army Veterans marched in a welcome home parade for returning veterans of the World War. An estimated 10-15,000 people 'paid loyal and heartfelt…[More]

Date: 10-13-1919
Description: "Veterans of the Grand Army celebrated with more than 10,000 townspeople as they paid tribute to the soldiers of World War I during the Welcome Home Day festivities. The town was resplendent in its…[More]

Date: ca. 1901
Description: "This picture, taken sometime around 1901, shows the L.B. Evans Son shoe factory (at left), Ira Atkinson's grocery store, the Cutler Bros.' grocery and grain store (at the center of the picture) and…[More]

Date: 1915
Description: "This view of Water Street from Cyrus Street looking west toward Wakefield Square shows the construction of the building at the corner of Columbia Road. According to the 1913 Town Report, Wakefield…[More]

Date: 1927
Description: "In March and April, 1927, Town Meeting voted to build a water filtration plant at Crystal Lake. The project began on July 5th, 1927 with A.P. Rounds of Stoneham winning the contract with his low bid…[More]

Date: 08-14-1935
Description: "The Wakefield Chamber of Commerce and several other local organizations sponsored a Water Carnival on Lake Quannpowitt which attracted 20,000 to 30,000 spectators. Crowds lined the shores of the lake…[More]

Date: ca. 1930 - 1939
Description: "The Warren School was built in 1895, one of six schools built in Wakefield between 1883 and 1902 to accommodate the increasing number of new residents and their children. Previously, the school…

Date: 1914
Description: "The French-roof house, once owned by the Honorable Daniel G. Walton and the Honorable Thomas Winship, was offered for sale in October 1914. Arthur G. Walton, who had purchased the interest of the…

Date: 1936
Description: "Walsh's Diner was located at the corner of Main and West Water Streets, on what is now the parking lot of Eastern Bank. It opened in the Fall of 1936, and remained in operation until June, 1950 when…[More]

Date: 1894
Description: "The Volunteer Hose Company participated in the 250th Anniversary Parade as part of the Third Division. They were joined in the division by the Eighth Regiment Band of Salem Marshal Levi Flanders…[More]

Description: "Since the mid-1800s, Wakefield has been a residential suburb within commuting distance to Boston. In 1845 when the Boston & Maine railroad completed its Boston to Wilmington line, the community and…[More]

Date: ca. 1893 - 1900
Description: "The citizens of Wakefield voted in 1893 to purchase the land, buildings and equipment of the Citizen's Gas and Light Company. The company was the predecessor of the Wakefield Municipal Light…

Date: ca. 1931
Description: Image from the Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department annual calendar, 1993