Danvers, Mass. Memories Road Show

This collection features images of Danvers digitized during the Mass. Memories Road Show held at the Peabody Institute Library, Danvers in June 2010 and collected during regular community scanning events. Help us to document Danvers history through family photos by allowing us to scan pictures of family, friends, local events or anything depicting life in Danvers!


  • Institution: Peabody Institute Library, Danvers


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Danvers


Twin Echo Farm
Danvers 250 year birthday parade
"Grampy" Wells with another favorite old car
Grampy's back yard
Aunt Doris, early teens
Backyard from heaven
WWII enlisted for duty
Backyard fun at grandma's
The World's best grandfather
Jahna's Confirmation day at Calvary Church
Premarriage photo
Delivery notice postcard
Library auditorium
Dressing room for library auditorium
Start of Kronk's Appliance Repair
Guess who's in a wedding!
Stars of yesteryear
The Wadsworth House
Gen. Gage House
Training Field and Upton Tavern
Our Apple cider press
Quilt by Linda Kilroy of Danvers
Ocean salk - Newport, Rhode Island - native Danvers family
Christmas raffle drawing
Pelletier Homestead
Don Pelletier, selectman, signing important document
The great oak tree at Great Oak School
Paul Gareri (studio photo)
The Trend, 1981 (studio photo)
Nelson Person (Band Photo)
My parents, dressed for a night on the town
My grandparents on their wedding day : the Roaring Twenties
My family and myself going off to church
Grey Gables : nursing school at Danvers State Hospital
Kirkbride Building, Danvers State Hospital
Panorama : Danvers State Hospital
Peabody Institute Library, Danvers
Town manager and library director at library function promoting addition
Dad with Pontiac
Wonder Girl
Certificate of recognition for 8th graders who marched with DHS Band in Rose Bowl Parade
Myself with marching snare in Meggan Duggan Parade
School Street Variety Store
1951 Danvers Little League All-Star team
Early auto at St. John's Prep with brothers and students
St. John's Prep : brother and student
Students - St. John's Normal College - circa 1891
Grampy - horse and wagon
Eclipse of the sun
Grammy Hawkes
Genocide survivor (Rwanda)
My babydoll Cynthia (9 months)
B&M Railroad fireman and engineer
Grampy Hawkes' farm
Sunday walk
Wedding of John and Patricia (Morris) Toomey
Sylvester family photo
John Toomey family (1988)
Overview of 1948 Liberty Street
Building a clubhouse
Danvers kids
Christmas in Danvers Square
Cullen Fuels
Purina Chow - grain factory
Bicentennial bonfire at Plains Park, 1976
Bicentennial horribles parade, 1976
Family of Frank and Priscilla Swindell
My Family of Honors ceremony
My daughter, Rebecca Lavigne
Family of Ethel and Elwin Jewett
Danvers State Hospital, 1944
Silos at Danvers State Hospital
Book buddies
Kyriakos Andrinopoulos Receives "Outstanding Contributions to Americanism" Award
Crazy  lobster
"Outstanding Contributions to Americanism" Award
Tapleyville lineup
Grandmother Aurelia Begin Batchelder (1892-1957) with grandchildren
Begin family portrait
The Devarenne family - Queen of the May - St. Mary's Church
Minstrel Show, St. Mary's Hall
Minstrel show, St. Mary's Hall
Uncle Frank Austin Wilkins
Grandfather William Prentiss Wilkins
Shoemakers all
Workers at the foundry on Water Street
First day at Ms. Perkins' kindergarten
Skating on the Meadows
Putnam Family
John Watters
Eunice Hyde Putnam Watters
Marjorie Watters Murray as selectman on parade
Marjorie Watters Murray as chorus girl in Scollay Square
One of the Putnam Family Homesteads
My mother's election as Danvers' selectman
Our wedding day: walking down the aisle
Our wedding day
1960 Danvers All-Stars play-off East Longmeadow
1957 Little League : Phillies
1958 Championship Braves
Battle of the Bulge : Germany
Harold Forbes Nicholson family
Junior high band, Downtown Danvers Parade, 1968
Willard Nickerson, poet
Growing up in Danvers, 1962
Mom and dad Nickerson
Danvers Falcon football program
Family Festival (Hawaiian party) 1982
Lemonade stand
Cooking a Chinese birthday dinner for me
An evening at a Family Festival concert at the library
My house
Rock houses
College friends and I
Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil
Coming home with prom date for pictures
Goodyear Blimp at Beverly Airport : Danvers side
Playing after snowstorm
Brother and sister
John L. George election as selectman
The brothers, Jim and Angie George, campaigning for John L. George's re-election as selectman
The Dedication of the John L. George Park at Danversport
New Smith School playground
Administrators at Rose Parade
Ambrozavitch family at Easter
Holten-Richmond building project 2004-2005
Holten-Richmond building project 2004-2005
Holten-Richmond building project 2004-2005
Sunday afternoon
Maureen and her mother
David and dogs' BBQ
Family feast
"Everything is coming up roses"
Grampy at work
First Communion at St. Mary's Annunciation
Isabel Goodwin Wentworth
Tapley Grammar School : 8th grade<br />
graduation class 1916
Hunt Memorial Hospital (original)
Pete's Ice Cream
Pete's Ice Cream (interior)
Blizzard of '78
Blizzard of '78
First day of school
Elizabeth's first Christmas
Daddy Don
Girl on horse
Girl in a suit
Woman feeding swan
Calvary Choir
St. John's Prep students
Babe Ruth visits his Alma mater
St. John's Prep
Xaverian Brothers at St. John's Prep
St. John's Prep
2009-2010 Danvers High School basketball NEC champs
U.S. Air Force security badge
Memorial Day service, Tapley School
Bolduc Electric : original sign
Bolduc Children Family Photo
Clark Farm
Danvers Town Hall : 200th anniversary
Enjoying the library grounds
Enjoying the day on the library lawn
Ryan Siblings
Winning carriage
Neighborhood friends
Ruth and Joe Ryan - 25th wedding anniversary
Kerans siblings
Kerans "White House"
Kerans Leather Manufacturing Factory
Rock Star
The Old Demsey Homestead
Ladies' Benevolent Society
Four generations of Demsey
Four generations of Demsey
First Twilight League champions, Tapleyville, 1922-23
Polish picnic/Land and Sea Race
Hurricane Carol
Cleanup after Hurricane Carol
Aftermath of Hurricane Carol
Putnam girls
Marjorie Watters and "The Splendid Splinter," Ted Williams
Christmas for the kids
Birthday cake
Don Kingsley and Eydie Gorme
Daddy, a meal and the animals
Paula's Baptism
Aunt Ella
Mrs. Hutchinson in the horribles parade
Postcard depicting First Church and parsonage
Postcard depicting Danvers Common - "Old Training Field"
Last Bonfire in Danvers, 1952
Connors Farm
Air view of St. John's Prep
St. John's Prep (National Champs) vs. LaSalle University, Chicago
Farewell Reception
First Students at St. John's Preparatory College 1908
Connors Farm

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