Lynn's Streets

Historic images of the city's streetscapes


  • Institution: Lynn Public Library


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Lynn


Gateway to Lynn : General Clarence R. Edwards Memorial Bridge
Floating Bridge, side view
Floating Bridge, Western Avenue
Foxhill Bridge (new)
Foxhill Bridge (old)
General Edward's Bridge, 1959
Floating Bridge, Lynn, 1917
"Lynn Floating Bridge"
Buchanan Bridge, 1950
Boissoneau Square, Junction of Cedar, Boston Grove and Mall Streets
Bank Square, Broad and Exchange Streets, West Corner
Market Square
Breed Square, 1950
Breed Square, from Summer Street
Highland Square, from east entrance of Essex Street
Glenmere Square, Maple and Chestnut Streets, northeast corner
Glenmere Square, from east entrance of Maple Street
Central Square, south from Union Street
Hospital Square from North Franklin Street
Houghton Square and Light Street
Independence Square, west side, and south corner of Boston Street
Independence Square from Carnes Street
Union Square
Market Square, looking west
Market Square and Elm Street, east corner
Magrane Square and Federal Street, west corner
Willow Street from Central Square
Willow Street from the Corner of Liberty Street
Liberty Street and Central Avenue, east corner
Liberty Street looking east from corner of Willow Street
Shepard Street and Summer Street, northwest corner
Smith Street, 1958
Lawton Avenue from Essex Street
Liberty Street, north side from Stuart to Washington Street
Franklin Street from City Hall Square
Lewis Street, north side, from corner of Ocean Street
Liberty and Summer Streets, northeast corner
Hollingsworth Street and Rock Avenue, west corner
Chatham Street, north, under the B & M Tracks
Lewis Street, Junction with Ocean and New Ocean Streets
Lewis Street and Cherry Street, south corner
Lewis Street and Chatham Street, west corner
Liberty Street, South side, from Willow Street to Buffum Street
Liberty Street, West side, from Sutton Street to Market Street
Essex Street, eastward, from junction of Rockaway Street
Friend Street, north side, from corner of Green Street
Essex Street, east, from corner of Chatham Street
Harbor Street, north side, from corner of Pleasant Street
Maple Street
Liberty Street, north side, between Central and Washington
Market Street and Oxford Street, north corner
Exchange and Spring Streets, west corner
Exchange Street, east corner, from Lynn Item building to Washington Street
Fayette Street over B & M Railroad, looking northwest
Liberty Street, south side, from Market
Green Street, from corner of Howard Street
Mall Street from North Common Street
Fayette Street and Chestnut Street, north corner, 1911
Federal Street, west side, from Murphey's Corner toward Market Square
Federal Street and Western Avenue, five way traffic signal, 1934
Federal Street, east side, from Market Square
Liberty Street and Sutton Street, north corner WE Aches N, house painter, Sutton Street
Federal Street, west side, from Murphy's Corner toward Market S Square
Franklin Street and Baker Street, west corner
Essex and Sutton Streets, east corner
Essex Street, north side, between Chestnut and Fayette Streets
Friend Street, north side, to Silsbee Street
Street, 1879
Tudor Street from Washington Street
Tremont Street from Pleasant Street
Timson Street from Chatham Street
Sutton Street, east side, from Central Avenue to Essex Street
Sutton Street and Essex Street, east corner
Corner of Sutton Street and Central Avenue
Union Street from Liberty Square
Union Street and Pinkham Street, south corner
Union Street, from corner of Chestnut to Lincoln
Union Street, eastward from corner of Washington
Union and Mulberry Street, west corner
Silsbee Street between Friend and B & M Railroad
Union Street, south side, from Silsbee Street
Tyler, T.W. and Co. Union Street
Union Street, south side, from School Street
Union Street, north side, to Buffum from Central Square
Union Street, north side, from West Green Street to Union Center
Union Street, between Union Ct. and Lincoln Street
Market Street, east side, from City Hall Square to Liberty Street
Market Street, west side, from City Hall Square
Market Street, west, from Tremont Street toward City Hall Square
Ireson Street from corner of Union, looking northwest towards Essex
Market Street, showing buildings replaced by Goddard Bros. Block
Market Street, east side, from Swift's Plant to Broad Street
Newhall and Washington Streets, north corner
Nahant Street, 1898
Pleasant Street from corner of Summer Street
Pleasant Street, east side, from Vivian Place to Tremont Street
President Street
Rockdale Avenue and Euclid Avenue northwest corner
Rogers Avenue and Essex Street North East Corner
Sagamore Street from Washington Street
Sea Street, north side, from Phelan Factory to Market Street
State Street (north side) from Market Street
Silsbeen Street looking north from corner of Mt. Vernon Street
South Common Street from Blossom to Church Street
South Common Street between Blossom and Church
State Street, north side, from corner of Market Street
Stuart Street from Corner of Liberty
Suffolk Street from Washington Street
Summer and Ashland Streets, west corner
Summer Street, north side, Between Church and Pleasant Street
Market Street (east side) City Hall Square to Liberty Street
Summer Street north side from Vine to Aborn Place
Summer Street and Pleasant Street, east corner
Summer Street from corner of commercial to Elm
Summer and Pleasant Streets (about 1880)
Summer Street (north side) Between Blossom and Shepard Streets
Summer Street, north side, from Church to Blossom Street
Summer Street north side Church to Blossom Streets
Summer Street and Cottage Street, west corner
Summer Street - Eastward from Oakville Street
Summer Street, south side, from church to Pleasant Streets
South Common and Shepard Streets, east corner
South Common Street and Church Street
South Common Street
Union Street
Union Street, showing Bay State House about 1880
Union Street from Smith to Green, 1958
Pearl Street, North side, from Union Sq. to High Street
Pleasant Street (east side) State and Summer Street
Commercial Street and State Boulevard, north corner, 1911
Franklin and Hanover Streets, west corner
Market Street, east side, from Oxford Street to B & M Railroad
Market Street, north from Broad
Market Street, west side, from Tremont Street toward City Hall Square
Marker Street, Lynn
Market Street about 1880
Market Street from City Hall Square, Lynn Trade Carnival, July 7th (1879?)
Market Street, Lynn in 1820, south-west side
Land at foot of Market Street
Market Street East side. Liberty to Andrew Street
Market Street, west side, from State to Summer Street
Marion Street and Boston Street, east corner
Mulberry and Blake Streets, east corner
Munroe Street, 1898.
Mulberry and Blake Streets, west corner
North Common Street and west end of Common about 1880
Munroe and Washington Streets, south corner
Munroe and Market Streets, 1905
Myrtle Street from Corner of Wilfred Street
North Common, west from library
North Common Street, north side, from Harwood to Park Street
North Common Street from site of Public Library to Hanover Street
North Federal Street and Boston Street, north corner
North Franklin Street showing junction with Forest Hill Avenue and Lover's Leap Avenue
Oxford Street from corner of Washington
Oxford Street between Orleans Chambers and Washington Street
North Common Street, Park to Market Square
Ocean Street
Ocean Street
Oxford Street, east from Buffum Street
Oxford Street, north side from New England Telephone and Telegraph Company to Washington Street
Oxford Street east side from Washington Street
Oxford Street and Willow Street, north corner
Western Avenue and Franklin Street, west corner
Western Avenue and Maple Street, east corner
Western Avenue, north side, from Spencer Street to B & M Railroad
Western Avenue, east from Franklin Street
Western Avenue and Federal Streets
Western Avenue and Chestnut Street, west corner
Western Avenue, westward from Park Street
Washington Street, Junction of Oxford and Central Avenue, from Willow and Central Avenue
Washington Street, between Newhall Street and Old Schoolhouse lot
Washington Street and Essex Street, west corner
Washington and Monroe Streets, west corner
Washington and Munroe Streets, north corner
Washington and Munroe Streets, east corner
Washington Street, west side, from Lynn Yacht Club to B & M Power House
Western Avenue, north side, from corner of Centre Street
Washington Street from opposite Suffolk to Broad
Washington Street, east side between Sagamore and Broad
Washington Street, east side, from Amity to Broad
Washington St, north, from Lynn Shore Drive
Washington Street and Oxford, south side
Washington Street, west side, from Breed Coal Company to point opposite Amity Street
Washington Street, west side, from B & M Power House to Breed Coal Company
Washington Street, north, showing junction with Broad and Spring Streets
Washington and Liberty Streets, north corner
Summer Street, north side, between Commercial and Vine Streets
School Street, 1958
School Street, 1958, facing Smith Street
Sutton Street and Central Avenue Junction
Boston Street and Park Street, south corner
Boston Street and Mall, east corner
Alley Street from corner of Pleasant
Boston Street and Cedar, west corner
Essex Street at the Swampscott line
Kirtland Street from Boston Street
James Street, from Stuart Street
Chestnut Street
Chatham Street
Blake Street from Central Square
Centre Street and Marion, south corner
Central Avenue, east side, from corner of Oxford to Central Square
Eastern Avenue northwest from Clark Street
Central Avenue, east side, between Liberty and Sutton Streets
Central Avenue east side Oxford to Central Square
Connery's corner Pleasant and Wheeler Streets
Amity Street from Washington Street
Boston Street looking west from corner of Marion
Essex Street looking northeast from corner of Washington
Central Avenue between Liberty Street and junction of Washington Street and Central Avenue
Buffum Street, east side, from corner of Oxford to Union
Central Avenue from City Hall Square
Central Avenue and Willow Street, 1898
Central Avenue and Sutton Street, south
Central Avenue from junction of Washington Street and Oxford Street
Broadway, east side, at Wyoma Square
Chestnut and Essex Streets, east corner
Commercial Street, Charles Street, and B & M Railroad
Cottage Street, showing B & M Saugus Branch Grade Crossing
Market Street, east side, Broad Street to Boston and Maine Railroad
Blake Street and Mulberry, north corner
Broad Street about 1878-79
Central Avenue from corner of Liberty to Sutton
Central Avenue and Sutton Street, north corner
Baltimore Street, 1879
Baldwin street near Pearl, 1958
Andrew Street, north side, looking west from Central Avenue
Soda store on street corner
Kimball Road in King's Beach section, from Ocean Street
Andrew Street from Market
Blake and Mulberry Streets
Street view
Boston Street looking north from Washington
Broad and Market Streets, north corner
Broad and Washington Streets, east corner
Union and Baldwin Streets, 1958

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