Lynn Open Spaces

Historic images showing some of the recreational areas throughout Lynn, Mass.


  • Institution: Lynn Public Library


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Lynn


Lynn Shore Drive, eastward from Wave Street
Harbor : ships at dock
Seaport Landing, 1987
Lynn Beach and Nahant
Waterfront, northeast front, Little River foot bridge
Waterfront from Hutchinson Lumber Company to Stevens and Newhall Wharf
Waterfront, Stevens and Newhall Wharf to Lynn Gas and Electric Company
Deer Cove, 1880
Egg Rock from nearest shore
Egg Rock from Nahant
Ocean, looking towards Swampscott, from Walk to Red Rock
Lynn Beach, 1928
Breakwater before the Boulevard was built : View 1
Breakwater before the Boulevard was built : View 2
Boulevard, about 1912
Boulevard, about 1912, King's Beach to Swampscott
Common Park
Common Park
Lynn Common, skating, Jan. 20, 1908
Lynn Common from point opposite Library
Electric fountain, Lynn Common
Band Stand, Lynn Common, 1903
Bandstand, Lynn Common
Breed's Pond, Lynn Woods
Dungeon Rock, Lynn Woods
Frog Rock, Lynn Woods
Union Rock, Lynn Woods
Forest Castle, Lynn Woods
Burrill Hill Path, Lynn Woods
Causeway to Pratt Pines, Lynn Woods
Cedar Hill, approach from Walnut Street
Dungeon Hill Path, Lynn Woods
Edgemere Foot Bridge, Lynn Woods
Jackson Path, Lynn Woods
Lantern Path, Lynn Woods
Undercliff path, snow covered, Lynn Woods
Undercliff path, near Ezra's Rock, Lynn Woods
Mt. Gilead Tower, Lynn Woods, from Bow Ridge
Dungeon Road, Jan. 12, 1902, Lynn Woods
Dungeon Road near Fox Rock, Lynn Woods
Dungeon Road, Lynn Woods
Great Woods Road near eastern entrance, Lynn Woods
Great Woods Road, Lynn Woods
Roads of Lynn Woods;
Waycross Road, Lynn Woods
Junction of Waycross and Dungeon Roads
Great Woods Road, north of Burrill Hill, Lynn Woods
Great Woods Road, from Echo Rock, Lynn Woods
Great Woods Road and Glen Lewis Pond
Great Woods Road, looking towards Walden Pond, Lynn Woods
Happy Valley Road, Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods, about 1893
Penny Brook Road, Lynn Woods
Penny Brook Road near Walden Pond
Penny Brook Road, Lynn Woods, at the cliff
Dungeon Rock, Lynn Woods
Ezra's Rock, Lynn Woods
Lynn Common, east toward band stand and fountain
Houghton Horticultural Society tablet of rock in Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods, Map
Breed's Pond, looking from base of Lantern Rock
Middle Pasture wall at Dungeon Road, Lynn Woods
Rose Garden, Lynn Woods
Breed's Pond, Lynn Woods
Breed's Pond, Lynn Woods, north shore
Breed's Pond, from Summit of Lantern Rock, 1903
Gate House, Glen Lewis Pond, Lynn Woods
Walden Pond, Lynn Woods
Forest Castle, Lynn Woods
Common and bandstand Lynn, 1905
Dungeon Rock, Lynn Woods, Profile
Dungeon Rock, Lynn Woods
Burrill Hill Tower from Bow Ridge, Lynn Woods
Happy Valley Golf Course
Little River playground, western section
Manning Stadium
High Rock Tower
Stadium, aerial view
Happy Valley golf course, club and pond
High Rock Tower
High Rock, 1898
Cutting ice on Flax Pond
Goldfish Pond 1898
Hawkes Pond
Goldfish Pond, Lafayette Park and Broomfield Street
Breed's pond dam, gate-house and sluiceway
Euclid Avenue, from Flax Pond
Flax Pond boat house, landing, Chestnut Street, 1911
View from City Hall Tower, looking west down common
View in Lynn, Mass., 1876, from High Rock, looking south easterly
Tower Hill from General Electric Company works
View from High Rock

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