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Date: 03-16-1898
Description: Front view from the street of four houses and one partial house view to the right. Location unknown.
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: ca. 1890-1899
Description: House on the west side of Vinton Street next to a large rock formation. The house is a light color with shutters to the left of the rock formation. There is a man facing the camera walking up the…
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: ca. 1890-1899
Description: View of Vinton Street heading towards West Foster Street. Large rock formation on right-hand side followed by a white house next to it. Two boys leaning against rock formation, two girls standing on…[More]
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: ca. 1890-1899
Description: House with fence is located on the corner of Vinton and North High Street. View of the northwest side of the house. A barn is located to the left with new construction framing between the two…
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 03-05-1898
Description: Close up view of houses on the east side of Vinton Street and North High Street. Snow cover on the ground.
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 02-01-1898
Description: Street view of three houses on the eastside Vinton Street on a snowy day in February. The houses are located across the street from 24 Vinton Street. There is a horse pulling a man on a sleigh heading…[More]
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 1872
Description: Street view of granite wall and rock formation with upper part of a house seen on top of the hill.
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 1872
Description: Rock wall on the left is the corner of 24 Vinton Street and South Cedar Park and the fence across the street is the corner of Vinton and North High Street.
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 1872
Description: Close-up of granite stairway, rock wall and trees at the corner of 24 Vinton Street and North Cedar Park.
Collection: Melrose Photo Album

Date: 05-25-1906
Description: Postmarked May 25, 1906.

Date: 07-26-1912
Description: Postmarked July 26, 1912.

Date: 01-17-1912
Description: Postmarked January 17, 1912.

Date: 07-20-1906
Description: Postmarked July 20, 1906.

Date: ca. 1920-1930
Description: Corner of Main, Lebanon and Porter Street

Date: ca. 1910
Description: Postmarked January 29, 1913.

Date: ca. 1930-1940
Description: Photo Gelatine

Date: 03-08-1907
Description: Postmarked March 8, 1907.