Stella Worth Jones with two women at the shore

  • Stella Worth Jones with two women at the shore
  • Stella Worth (nee Jones) Voorhees is on the right.
  • Stella Worth Jones, born November 14, 1888, was the daughter of Walter DeHaven and Gertrude Jones.

    Excerpt from 'Women's history month : Stella Worth Jones, Suffragette' by Lynne Ranieri, Milburn Patch, 2012 - A 1917 Melrose, Mass. article about Stella notes that "Miss Stella Worth Jones of 245 Porter St, daughter of City Clerk W. de Haven Jones, has gone to New York to conduct a two month's campaign, under the auspices of the National Woman's Suffrage Association. She will later return to do Americanization work in this State. Miss Jones has been (an) organizer for the Boston City Suffrage Association." Upon ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution in August 1920, guaranteeing women the right to vote, Stella dove even more vigorously into her work on the Americanization movement.


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