Melrose History Signature Quilt : 1897-1898

  • Melrose History Signature Quilt : 1897-1898
  • Nelson, A.
  • This patchwork quilt was made in 1898. The quilt block used in the quilt was known as 'Snowflake' in the 1800s, and is also now known as 'Old Italian Block'. It has solid red and white fabrics on the front, and a red on white polka dot on the back and is tied with white yarn. The quilt is inscribed with many names all written by the same hand. Of the 64 families listed on the quilt, 58 lived in Melrose at the time - many were members of the First United Methodist Church.


Nelson, A., “Melrose History Signature Quilt : 1897-1898,” Melrose Public Library, Melrose, Mass., accessed October 24, 2021,


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