Culinary Gems : Recipes from MPL’s Past

The Melrose Public Library recently received a call from a long-time patron in desperate need of a recipe for her Thanksgiving table. She had misplaced her favorite lemon bread recipe, the one she’d been using since 1977 when Melrose Public Library staff created a festive holiday recipe pamphlet entitled “A Palatable Potpourri” for library patrons to enjoy.

No one had seen the pamphlets in years and we told the caller we would search the local history collection to see if any copies survived. The caller declared the recipes “gems” and said it would be a shame if they were lost.

We hunted through the archives and dusted off 7 issues from the 1970’s and 80’s with names like “Gourmet Goodies” and “Gastronomic Greetings.” Our caller has her recipe and we have digitized the collection to share with new generations of library visitors.

Bon Appétit


Holiday fare from the staff of the Melrose Public Library
Delectable delights for happy holidays from the staff of the Melrose Public Library
Greetings in good taste from the staff of the MPL
Gourmet goodies 1976 MPL
Fare for all seasons by the staff of Melrose Public Library
A palatable potpourri
Gastronomic greetings from the staff of the Melrose Public Library
Holiday Greetings from the Staff of the Melrose  Public Library

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