Lynnfield Oral History Project

During the period from 1970 to 1980, as part of an ongoing Bicentennial project, a number of Lynnfield residents were interviewed under the auspices of the “Historical Resource Center” at the Lynnfield Public Library. Interviewers included Marcia Wiswall, Director of the Lynnfield Public Library, and Natalie Brooks, librarian and Lynnfield Public Library Trustee. The fourteen interviews covered a wide range of topics focused on the history of Lynnfield as well as life and work in Lynnfield over the years.


  • Institution: Lynnfield Public Library


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Lynnfield


Department of Public Works in Lynnfield: James Fletcher
Lynnfield Library: Lois Flewelling
Lynnfield history/boundaries and old homes of South Lynnfield: Archie Hayward
Lynnfield reminiscences/town affairs & sports: Harry Higgins
Lynnfield history: Daniel Kelleher
Lynnfield reminiscences/life in Lynn and Lynnfield: Marion Maddison
Real estate in Lynnfield from 1956: Norman Northrup
Lynnfield maps 1794, 1831, 1872: Katherine Ross
Lynnfield Historical Society and Lynnfield soldiers in the Revolutionary War: Katherine Ross
Lynnfield history: Robert Rourke
Lynnfield history: Ethel Eaton Sandford
Lynnfield reminiscences: Della Rich Smith
Lynnfield reminiscences: Lynnfield 1914-1960. Nelson Todd
Community growth: Charles Wills

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