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  • Subject contains "Records and Correspondence"

Date: 1713-1820
Description: The Commoner’s Book, Vol. 2, 1713-1820, includes information on land grants, minutes of Commoners’ meetings, records of highways and lots, accounts of disbursements to Commoners, etc.Access Record…[More]

Date: 1707-1820
Description: The Commoner’s Book, Vol. 1, 1707-1820, includes information on land grants, division bounds, thatch lots, woodlots and highways. There are also copies of warrants, minutes of meetings of…

Date: 1753-1800
Description: The Town Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, Volume 3, 1753-1800 includes entries relating to Town meetings, land grants, warrants, elections and appointments, reports of elected and appointed…

Date: 1781-1805
Description: Records of orders drawn on Town Treasurer & no other record. No index. View Record Here

Date: 1756-1781
Description: Town Treasurer's accounts, orders on Town Treasurer, Constable warrants, minutes of meetings, reports of warrants warning out of Town, list of new residents & places of origin, Poor House,…