Gloucester Selectmen’s Day Book, 1775-1782

  • Gloucester Selectmen’s Day Book, 1775-1782
  • The Gloucester Selectmen’s Day Book, 1775-1782, entries includes financial accounts relating to the purchase of supplies for the militia and bounties for soldiers. Additional entries include abatement of taxes, hiring of school teachers, an account of powder stores and their location, a 1779 account of items left in a workhouse in the care of Captain William Gee, approbations to sell liquor, accounts of the Overseers of the Poor, accounts of the Constable, perambulations, and “aprize of bread.” The volume also includes a list of privateers and their vessels, and a 1907 “Gloucester Daily Times” newspaper clipping regarding the 125th Anniversary of Revolutionary War soldiers brought to Gloucester, Massachusetts on Halifax cartel.

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  • 1775-1782


“Gloucester Selectmen’s Day Book, 1775-1782 ,” Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass., accessed August 18, 2022,


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