Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Hancock, Walker

  • Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Hancock, Walker
  • Hancock, Walker, Interviewee
  • Brayton, Linda, Interviewer
  • 3 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file
  • The following names and terms were used in this interview: St. Louis School of Fine Arts , Charles Grafly, Crescent scholarship, Walter Kilham, Jr., Ides van der Gracht, Breckenridge, Cecelia Beaux, Gabriell D. V. Clements, Marfan's syndrome, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Aachen, George Stout, Saezkamonergut, Miss Clements, Ellen Day Hale, Nicholas D'ascenzo, Recchia, George Aarons, Gifford Beal, Leon Kroll, Paul Manship, Butman's quarry, Eric Gugler, George Demetrios, Siegen, Westphalia, Charlemagne, Miss Hale, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Deane.
  • Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians; Interviewer:Linda Brayton (4/25/1978).
  • TRACKS:CD60-a: 1. Mr. Hancocks's background, school, etc. -- 2. Reasons for coming to Cape Ann, anecdote about teacher, Charles Grafly, financing art work -- 3. Study abroad, Charles Grafly's accidental death -- 4. Coming to Cape Ann, building home and studio -- 5. Other artists in Folly Cove area, etc., early days in Folly Cove -- 6. Sculptures of famous persons (i.e. Eisenhower, Robert Frost, etc.) -- 7. Eisenhower (contd.), Booth Tarkington -- 8. Research involved prior to sculpting, comments on relationship between personality and features -- 9. Reflections on interests and challenges in his work -- 10. Preserving art treasures during World War II. CD 60b: 1. Preserving art treasures during World War II (cont'd) -- 2. Connections with Cape Ann, feelings about it, family.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • 04-25-1978
  • [Gloucester, Mass] : Sawyer Free Library


Hancock, Walker, Interviewee and Brayton, Linda, Interviewer, “Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Hancock, Walker,” Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass., accessed January 20, 2021,


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