Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Story, Dana A.

  • Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Story, Dana A.
  • Story, Dana A, Interviewee
  • Brayton, Linda, Interviewer
  • 2 sound files, digital, MPEG3 file
  • Some terms and names used in this interview include: Ed Perkins, James Shipyard, Bishop Yard, John Prince Story, Burnham, Andrews, Coggeswell, Charles Oliver Story, Luther Edmund Burnham, Stephen Price, Adams, Lowell, George McIntyre, Joe Garland, Lewis H. Story, failed up, Perkins, Grog-o, Captain Parker Burnham, Lincoln, Jim Witham.
  • Linda Brayton and David Masters, principal oral historians; Interviewer: Linda Brayton (3/18/1978).
  • TRACKS:1. Mr. Story's collection of historical information through shipyard friends and acquaintances -- 2. First work published was Frame Up, then Hail Columbia, problems with publisher developed by third book -- 3. Photography of shipyard, change in character of ship-building in Essex over 300 years of shipbuilding -- 4. Mr. Story's latest project was cataloguing all boats built in Essex since 1870, story of first boat built in Essex -- 5. A.D. Story, Mr. Story's father -- 6. Longevity of ship builders possibly attributable to hard work -- 7. Longevity of ship builders (cont'd) -- 8. Working conditions, Grog-o! - the change from grog to coffee breaks, hours and strikes 9. Sources of wood for ships, quantity and type used -- 10. Working conditions (cont'd)-- 11. The launching of ships -- 12. The Adams, the last 3-masted wooden coasting ship was high and dry in Essex for eight years -- 13. Reasons shipbuilding developed in Essex -- 14. Types of boats built in Essex over the years -- 15. Museum being established in Essex.
  • Originally issued on sound cassettes and transferred to compact discs.
  • 1978
  • [Gloucester, Mass] : Sawyer Free Library


Story, Dana A, Interviewee and Brayton, Linda, Interviewer, “Toward an oral history of Cape Ann : Story, Dana A.,” Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester, Mass., accessed April 20, 2021,


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