Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1642-1782

Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1642-1782

These records contain information about land grants, warrants, elections and appointments, enrolled militia, jurors, highways, recorded damages, committee to interview candidates for minister, Parish Officers, burial cloth purchases, agreements with people of the town to care for the poor and receive payments for their care, orders drawn on the Town Treasurer for expenses, accounts of the Overseers of the Poor, accounts of the Constable, perambulations, death records, birth records, marriage records, records of intentions to marry, and information about noteworthy events that happened.


The record books are available for viewing at the Sawyer Free Library. In addition, digital versions of the records can be accessed through this site, the Internet Archive, and the City Archives' website.
Cover of the Gloucester Selectmen's Records, 1721-1754


  • Institution: Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library
  • Gloucester City Archives, Gloucester, Mass.


  • Massachusetts--Essex (county)--Gloucester


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