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Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1707-1820


Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1707-1820These record books contain information about town meetings, land grants, division bounds, thatch lots, wood lots and highways, copies of warrants, minutes of Proprietors of Common Lands, births, deaths, marriages, intentions, list of new residents…[More]

Gloucester City Directories

Gloucester city directory.jpg

The collection dates from the 1860 to 1993 (with gaps.)

Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1642-1782


Gloucester Government City Record Books, 1642-1782 These records contain information about land grants, warrants, elections and appointments, enrolled militia, jurors, highways, recorded damages, committee to interview candidates for minister, Parish Officers, burial cloth purchases, agreements with…[More]

Gloucester High School Yearbooks


The collection from Gloucester High School dates from the 1901 to 2013 (with gaps.)

Gloucester Map Collection


Gloucester has a variety of maps and atlases in its collection. Some maps are of local interest, including street maps and maps of local landmarks and sites of interest. There are also geological maps of Massachusetts and nautical charts of the New England coast.

List of Vessels Belonging to the District of Gloucester


The List of vessels was an annual publication which chronicled the fishing industry of the Cape Ann area from the years of 1869-1908.

Gloucester Postcard Collection


The Gloucester postcard collection shows various historical and recreational sites, as well as maritime scenes of Cape Ann during the early to mid-twentieth century.

Gloucester Oral History Collection


“Toward an oral history of Cape Ann” was an oral history project which interviewed prominent and ordinary Cape Ann citizens between 1978 and 1989. Principal oral historians Linda Brayton and David Masters recorded 100 oral histories reflecting the cultural and economic past and present of Cape…[More]