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Date: 1908
Description: Group of first students at entrance to the college.

Creator: Bolduc, George
Description: Back in a time when there was a whole school Memorial Day service. Always outdoors.

Location: Holten Street (Tapleyville), Danvers

Pictured: Marsha Cahoon, George Oulette, Jack Keane, Doris…[More]

Date: 1920
Description: Standing in front of Administration Building. Top of arch (not visible) - 1880 when building was built.

Date: ca. 1920
Description: Location: Outside Administration Building

Pictured: Students - dayhops and residents

Date: ca. 1891
Description: Beaver Brook Farm - at side gate on Summer Street - became St. John's Normal College in 1891. Stones on gate reflect the large variety of stones used in the buildings. Oldest photo at St. John's…[More]

Date: 1916
Description: Pictured: Clarence W. Russell (first on left, second row from top) - father of Isabel Russell Cobb