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Date: 2010
Description: First NEC Title in Danvers High School basketball history. Final record: 15-7

Date: 01-10-2010
Description: Administrators and parents traveled to California to watch the Danvers High School Falcons marching band perform in the 2010 Rose Parade.

Location: Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA

Date: 11-1970
Description: This is important because of the thrill of schoolboy competition on Thanksgiving Day game.

Pictured: Scott Hansbury, Wallace Legro, Douglas Phinney, Bruce Roberts, Michael Merry, Steven Packard[More]

Date: 10-1900
Description: Danvers High School Falcons Marching Band, 2000-2001. It was the first time they marched in the Rose Bowl Parade. They wore temporary uniforms because the band was so large that there were not…

Date: 2010
Description: Tim Jordan in band with marching snare drum, having a good time in uniform.

Date: 06-01-2010
Description: Given to Tim Jordan after marching in the Rose Bowl Parade with the High School Band. Recognizes achievement.