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Creator: Rothman, Sally
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of Danvers Art Association

Creator: Murphy, Dan
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of Danvers Art Association, 2018

Creator: Gray, David
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of Nancy Taylor

Creator: Gray, David
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of Nancy Taylor

Fraser - Wisteria.jpg
Creator: Fraser, Robert ‘Bob’ G.
Date: 2004
Description: Gift of Danvers Art Association

Creator: Dunn, Marion
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of the Danvers Art Association

Creator: Coffin, Rose
Date: n.d.
Description: Gift of the Family of Rose Coffin, 2011

Creator: Murphy, Dan
Date: 2016
Description: Gift of Danvers Art Association

Date: 1904
Description: First generation, Daniel Connors.

Original farmhouse - current location of Clark School.

Date: 1908
Description: Group of first students at entrance to the college.

Creator: Washington News Photos
Date: 04-1956
Description: Mayor O'Donnell bids good-bye to Juniorates at St. Joseph's of the Xaverian Brothers - Oak Hill, Peabody, now the North Shore Shopping Center.

The Juniorate was a boarding high school for young men…[More]

Date: 1914
Description: Pictured: Robert B. Nagle, 2nd row, 2nd left

Date: 2006
Description: This air view appears on the inside cover of the "Centennial History of St, John's Prep School: Far Above the Neighboring Hilltops 1907-2007" by Gary Larrabee

Description: James Connors, third generation - Connors Farm

Date: 07-1952
Description: We got the barrels from A.C. Lawrence in Peabody. We had to rehoop them in the Knights of Columbus back yard and then drove them to the park to build the bonfire.

Location: Plains Park, Danvers,…[More]

Description: In 1694, two years after the famous witchcraft delusion of 1692, this plot of ground was deeded to the people by Nathaniel Ingersoll as a training field. The set a huge boulder on the green. Here…[More]

Description: The church and parsonage were built in 1891, on the site which held the meeting house since 1762. In the spring following the coming of Gov. Endicott, 1629, the first church was organized but it was…[More]

Creator: Nolan, Janet
Description: This photo was taken of the Horribles Parade in the Highlands. Mrs. Hutchinson was 98 years old. Her daughter, Ruth Weeks is in the back seat just behind her. Mrs. Hutchinson was always in this…

Creator: Murray, Marjorie
Date: 1980-1989
Description: This is my great aunt Ella Putnam Carey. She lived on Burroughs Street with her sister. She remembers when there were Native Americans living on Mill Pond Village. Ella married an Irish man named…[More]

Creator: Danforth, Paul
Date: 06-1952
Description: Location: Calvary Church

Pictured (L-R): Rev. Alan Clark, Baby Paula, Eunice Putnam Watters, James Dempsey, Sara Putnam