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Description: Portrait of Joseph A. Wallis, 8th mayor of Beverly who served from 1905 to 1906.

Date: 02-27-1934
Description: Photograph of F. W. Varney Apothecary, 1 West Street, Beverly Farms. Dated February 27, 1934.

Description: Photograph of the United Shoe Machinery Yacht Club, now the Bass Haven Yacht Club on the Bass River.

Description: Map of the United Shoe Machinery Company, Elliott Street and McKay Street.

Description: Aerial photograph of the United Shoe Machinery plant on Elliott Street in Beverly.

Description: Portrait of Charles H. Trowt, 10th mayor of Beverly who served from 1909 to 1910.

Date: 1963
Description: St. Peter's Episcopal Church. The congregation met originally on the building at the corner of Essex and Hale Streets. The first church was built in 1865 at the southwest corner of Cabot and Bow…[More]

Description: Portrait of William Stopford, 16th mayor of Beverly who served from 1925 to 1928.

Description: St. Mary's School, 13 Chapman Street. The building opened September 11, 1925.

Date: 1900-1930?
Description: St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, 251 Cabot Street. The church was designed by Boston architect's Reid & McAlpine and construction was started in 1897. The parish was organized in 1873.

Description: St. Mary Star of the Sea Church, 251 Cabot Street. This church pre-dates the current St. Mary's. It was built in 1837 by the First Baptist congregation and sold in 1869 to the Knights of St. Crispin…[More]

Date: 1910
Description: In 1910, Marie Evans tired of people trampling across her estate to see where President Taft was summering. After he left, she had the Stetson Cottage, which the President rented, cut in half and…

Description: South School, Stone Street at South Street. The school was opened in 1885. It was built to replace the school that burned down December 23, 1884.

Date: 1923-1924
Description: Photographs of Beverly school children taken by the Boston Sunday Herald, 1923.

Description: Mingo Beach, Hale Street, looking west. Mingo Beach was named after a slave named Robin Mingo, who was promised his freedom if the tide ever went low enough to walk to Aunt Becky's Ledge, just…[More]

Description: Coastline, possibly Mingo Beach.

Description: Seth Norwood Shoe factory, corner of Rantoul Street and Railroad Avenue.

Description: Second Congregational Church, Cabot and Conant Streets, North Beverly. The church building was remodelled in the 1950s and the building was turned 90 degrees to face Conant Street. The church was…[More]

Description: Photographs of the United Shoe Machinery Employees' Field Day events.

Description: Photograph of the United Shoe Machinery Employees' Field Day agricultural show.